November 29, 2010

Nous Aimons {We Love!} :: Palais Floral

My, oh my, do we have a treat for you today... I'm about 100% sure that I have died and gone to floral H-E-A-V-E-N! Enter Palais Floral, (French for "Floral Palace'), a boutique floral art studio unlike anything I've ever seen before. You may remember that we featured their ever-so-pretty 'Sweet Vintage' bouquet in last week's 'Be Inspired' post, but we just couldn't wait to share more...

Palais Floral :: Collection - Une Francaise en Australie
Collection {Une Française en Australie}

Palais Floral :: Collection - Le Premier Annee
Collection {Le premier année}

Palais Floral :: Collection - Chanson d'Amour
Collection {Chanson d'amour}

Palais Floral :: Collection - Autumn Vintage Romance
Collection {Autumn Vintage Romance}

Not only are the floral designs an absolute work of art, delightful vintage packaging adds that extra element of surprise and attention to detail. Director Anliette, is also an impressive photographer and even designed the company logo that appears on a delightful swing tag attached to each piece - how talented can one woman be! I for one, cannot wait for the launch of their full website, but for now, you can lust over their Facebook page, here.

All images © copyright Palais Floral.

Jackie xo


  1. ohhhhh, I like, a lot - be sure to let me know when the full website is up and running xx

  2. Merci beaucoup Jackie.. I hope we can continue producing our Blossoms from the Heart. Our website is still in its stages of blossoming. As you know, anything with love and detail needs time.. :)