May 17, 2011

Be Inspired :: Cute cake stands and such...

I have to admit, strange as it might be, I tend to go a little weak at the knees over a well-dressed dessert table...

Sweet and Saucy Supply

So when I discovered Sweet & Saucy Supply, a lovely online store stocking the sweetest cake stands, domes and platters you have ever seen, I couldn't contain my excitement! Here are a few of my favourites...

Clear small dome & Pink Hobnail Pedestal Cake Stands

{love the ruffle cake in the background of this shot}

Jadeite Antique Cake Stand

White Openwork Round Plate

Antique Rose Cake Plate

It's said that you eat with your eyes, so a beautifully presented dessert table will make your treats taste all the more sweet and can add a lovely element to your wedding when they are displayed on an array of different shaped and sized platters, plates and stands.

With love to you and yours

Psst... while you're there, why not check out Sweet & Saucy Supply's sister site, Sweet & Saucy Shop, for scrumptious dessert and cake inspiration!

[The details :: Image, Pink Hobnail Pedestal Cake Stand & Clear Dome, Jadeite Antique Cake Stand, Openwork Round Plate and Antique Rose Cake Plate from Sweet & Saucy Supply]

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