May 9, 2011

Why hello...

I must apologise, I've been a little absent of late. I was quite shocked to see that my last post was a month (almost to the day!) ago. Between our wedding stationery giveaway, designing our new 2011/12 collection, producing some gorgeous stationery for our lovely clients, birthdays-a-plenty (including my own, and the very first birthday of WITHLOVE), Mother's Day, designing some gorgeous little announcements for a new baby nephew, and just general craziness, I've barely had a moment to stop. Unfortunately this means that my poor little blog has been left out in the cold.

Boy-oh-boy do I have lots to share with you all over the next few weeks. For now though, I'll leave you with this pretty little birthday present that I received...


I've been crushing on this gorgeous turquoise necklace for quite some time, so when it arrived in the mail last week, I was quietly thrilled.

With love to you and yours

[The details :: Roberta Chiarella Turquoise Brava Bib Necklace available from Max & Chloe]

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