February 12, 2012

Caught My Eye

Hello there lovelies! Hope you had the most fabulous of weekends!

I think it's fairly safe to say that I have Pinterest addiction. I can lose a good couple of hours at a time pinning all sorts of things from wedding ideas, colour palettes, craft projects and the list goes on... and on. If you're not on Pinterest yet, you really need to go and see for yourself what the fuss is all about. Having said all of this, Pinterest also has its pitfalls, because it's way too easy to access pretty little outfits, shoes and the like - with one simple click I'm taken straight to the product's website and I'm entering my details and reaching for my credit card. Eeep! At the moment I'm all about bright block colours, so it's no surprise that I immediately fell in love with this...

Actually, I think the overall look is kind of amazing, no?

Jackie xo


  1. Why did you do this to me???? I, too, have a serious internet shopping problem and now I have to have something from Heidi Merrick! They are amazing - where did you find her? Or was it one to those skipping from website to website things and you can't really remember? I am totally in love...and she does homewares to...

  2. Hehe, sorry Sal! Pinterest of course - it's a huge problem in my life! Isn't HM uhmuzing! I've just seen the same dress above in the most fabulous aqua, tangerine and yellow! Oh my!